December 1st, 2016   Posted by Belle

I added the screencaptures for Nico’s new project Rillington Place on which he plays Timothy Evans. Check out the caps with the link down below!

November 30th, 2016   Posted by Belle

November 30th, 2016   Posted by Belle

Nico Mirallegro is all set to be interviewed about his new TV drama, but his head seems a little elsewhere. The actor has just come out of a cinema screening of Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake, and the film’s hard-hitting social message is playing on his mind.

“It’s very, very emotional. It gets you angry. It’s a good solid message on the failed society. I can’t stop thinking about it,” he says, in his softly-spoken Mancunian accent.

The veteran director is “a hero” to Mirallegro, who cut his teeth on Hollyoaks (as angst-ridden teen Newt) before starring in E4’s Bafta-nominated My Mad Fat Diary.

“I saw him on BBC Question Time the other day and I was screaming at the telly like, ‘Finally we have someone who’s not pussyfooting around the questions!’ He was giving real answers. It frustrates you when people don’t answer the question. It’s like watching really bad actors fight their way out of a paper bag.”

The former Hollyoaks actor is clearly switched on to the world around him. His Twitter feed is populated with tweets about social issues, and his recent performances on screen – from Jimmy McGovern’s BBC drama Common, about the UK’s controversial joint enterprise law, to this year’s gay football film The Pass -display a compassion and a maturity beyond his 25 years.

His latest role, in which he appears alongside acclaimed stars Tim Roth and Samantha Morton, is equally meaty.

November 14th, 2016   Posted by Belle

Nico directed this music video by Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon. You can check it out down below!

October 8th, 2016   Posted by Belle

I just uploaded all the pictures I had from Nico to our gallery. I know it’s still not much pictures but his photos are really hard to find, so we’ll have to keep growing our gallery slowly. Anyways, check out what I just added!

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October 7th, 2016   Posted by Belle

The Pass, starring Russell Tovey (Looking), will arrive in UK theaters on 9th December 2016 it has been announced.

The film, which is the directorial debut of Ben A. Williams, opened the BFI Flare Festival earlier this year. The Pass will be presented as part of the BFI London Film Festival where it will screen in the debate section.

The Pass also stars Arinze Kene (Our Girl) and is adapted for the screen by John Donnelly from his hit play, first presented at the Royal Court Theatre. It is produced by Duncan Kenworthy (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually, The Eagle)

The film tells the story of three very different nights over 10 years in the life of a Premier League Footballer. Jason (Russell Tovey) is at the beginning of his career, and on the night before his first big international match he and long-time friend and team-mate Ade (Arinze Kene) share a hotel room, trying to beat the inevitable pre-match tensions with locker-room banter and teenage high-jinks. Out of nowhere Jason kisses Ade. The emotional repercussions of this pass, and the decisions that follow on and off the pitch, have a major impact on every aspect of the public and private lives of both men across the next decade, in a sporting world where image is everything.

Check out the trailer below!


October 3rd, 2016   Posted by Belle

Thanks to my good friend Maria from we have the MQ pictures from the photoshoot taken by Jay Clark of Nico in 2013. Check them out using the gallery link below!


September 28th, 2016   Posted by Belle

After some downtown due to host issues, Nico Mirallegro Network is finally back! We have a new main url,! I am very pleased to announce that we’ll be getting a big gallery update soon, so keep tuned!

May 16th, 2016   Posted by Belle

Listen to Nico’s new project on BBC Radio 4: episode five of the second season called Innocence from Blood, Sex and Money! His character is called Serge! Don’t forget to hear it because it’ll last only 24 days from today (May 16th).


May 13th, 2016   Posted by Belle

Hello! I’m happy to announce that finally Nico Mirallegro Network is FINALLY online! Welcome to one of my most expected fansite ever! I love Nico and I’m grateful to finally be able to do a site for him. Bookmark us if you want to keep up to date with Nico’s news and updates!

Soon our gallery will be open and full soon! If you wish to contact us, you can do it by sending me an EMAIL or send us a TWEET!

Current Projects
The Habit of Beauty (2016)
Elena (Francesca Neri) and Ernesto (Vincenzo Amato) are a couple who are bitterly torn apart by the death of their only child. Three years later they have both somehow managed to start a new life. Until destiny forces them to reconnect and understand, they never really stopped loving one another other.
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Billy (2016)
The character Billy is played out in two very different ways, this unique film follows Billy through various scenarios good and bad.
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The Pass (2016)
Nineteen-year-old Jason and Ade have been in the Academy of a famous London football club since they were eight years old. It's the night before their first-ever game for the first team - a Champions League match - and they're in a hotel room in Romania. They should be sleeping, but they're over-excited. They skip, fight, mock each other, prepare their kit, watch a teammate's sex tape. And then, out of nowhere, one of them kisses the other. The impact of this 'pass' reverberates through the next ten years of their lives - a decade of fame and failure, secrets and lies, in a sporting world where image is everything.
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Rillington Place (2016)
Timothy EvansCompleted
A three-part drama about serial killer John Christie and the murders at 10 Rillington Place in the 1940s and early 1950s.
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